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Video Consultation

A Video Physio Consult, also called E-Consultation or Telehealth, is a live online conversation with one of our physiotherapists. Based on an interview and an assessment of your complaint, the physiotherapist will address your questions. The physiotherapist will tell you more about the source of your complaint and give you the best possible advice. Walking and daily activity is often the best remedy, but not always.

Assesment & Diagnosis – Advice & Excercises

In a video session, we get to see the painful joint, whether it’s swollen, and the movement that is causing pain. Based on this, we can assess whether you first need to visit our practice or consult a doctor. In all other cases, we will recommend an exercise program that is designed to support your recovery. In the video call, the physiotherapist can demonstrate how to perform the exercises. Following the consult, you’ll receive a program code by mail that allows you to get started with the PhysiApp app right away.

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Physio Consult

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How to prepare for an Online Physio Consultation?

You will need a laptop or PC with a webcam and microphone, but a smartphone will also do fine. Furthermore, make sure you are on your own in a quiet room.

How does Online Physio Consultation work?

Laptop or desktop!

  1. You receive a passcode from our physiotherapist by email
  2. Open www.physiapp.nl
  3. Enter the passcode
  4. Wait until the physiotherapist calls you
  5. Click the green button to start video calling

Smartphone or Tablet (iPad or similar)

    1. Download the PhysiApp from the app store
    2. You receive an invitation by email from our physiotherapist. It contains a link.
    3. Click on that link
    4. The PhysiApp starts
    5. Wait until the physiotherapist calls you
    6. Click the green button to start video calling

To read how Telehealth works: Video Calling Physio Consultation Physiotherapy Amsterdam GOED PhysiApp Instruction

Check your supplementary healthcare insurance

Your supplementary healthcare insurance covers the costs of Video Physio Consult. In case your policy does not cover the costs, we will invoice you directly.

Costs if not covered by your health insurance

  • Video Consult of about 25 minutes  = 32.50 €
  • Upgrade Online training program    = 15.00 €

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Make Appointment Video Calling
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