Ultrasound Examination Physiotherapy Amsterdam

For an extra efficient treatment with physiotherapy!

Quick and painless insight into your complaints or results achieved with Ultrasound Examination Amsterdam. The physiotherapist literally visualizes your complaint using an ultrasound examination, ensuring a good diagnosis and the best treatment choice, quickly and easily.

At GOED Physiotherapy we have our own equipment and an expert physiotherapist. In addition to investigating complaints, we can also monitor the progress and effects of treatments with ultrasounds. Ultrasounds are not harmful to your health and the examination is not painful.

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Ultrasound Research

In Amsterdam, you will find GOED Physiotherapy at eight different locations. You do not need a referral from your doctor for an ultrasound examination.

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Why ultrasound examination at GOED Physiotherapy?

Our physiotherapist can perform an ultrasound examination in addition to a regular physiotherapy examination. With that extra visual information, we can make a diagnosis more quickly and we can map out the treatment process more specifically. For example, if muscle damage is diagnosed, the physiotherapist knows immediately that the load has to be built up slowly. In addition, ultrasound examination gives the physiotherapist direct insight into the results achieved during a rehabilitation process.

Cost of ultrasound

An ultrasound consultation takes 25 minutes. In addition to the costs for the physiotherapy intake and a physiotherapy session, the costs for an ultrasound examination are €49.50.

Our Sonographer

Our physiotherapist-sonographer Paul Dames carry out this examination at GOED Physiotherapy.

Paul works Monday to Friday at our GOED Schellingwoude location

Paul Dames Ultrasound Examination Phsyiotherapist

Paul Dames


Ultrasound Machine

During an ultrasound investigation, the physiotherapist uses an ultrasound machine (probe) to visualize your physical complaints. The probe sends high-pitched sound waves that reflect off the different types of tissue in your body. These reflections provide a dynamic image of your muscles, joints or tendons on a monitor. Ultrasound research is very suitable for mapping the status of soft tissue.

A quick diagnosis

We can quickly identify physical complaints by means of an ultrasound examination. Complaints where an ultrasound examination quickly yields additional information are:

  • Muscle injuries
  • Cysts
  • Inflammation
  • Overstrained tendons

Do you have complaints that you would like to have examined by ultrasound? Schedule an appointment with our trained ultrasound therapist on 020 49 101 20.

What does the examination look like?

During the treatment, the physiotherapist places a probe against your skin where the complaints are located. A little gel is often smeared on the probe to improve the conduction of the sound waves. The physiotherapist may ask you to tighten your muscles or move your joints to get a more complete picture of the symptoms. It is possible that the physiotherapist will make a diagnosis during the examination, but sometimes further examination is necessary.

Is an ultrasound harmful?

An ultrasound examination is a fast and safe method for visualizing your complaints. The sound waves pose no complications, and the method has been used safely for many years.

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Ultrasound Research