Subscriptions – 1 februari 2021

Fitness at Physiotherapy GOED, also called PhysioFit or Physio Fitness. Below you see our different subscriptions. We have nice fitness rooms with modern cardio and strength equipment with aircondition.

We have PhysioFitness for you at the following locations:

  • Buiksloterham
  • Amstelkwartier
  • Schellingwoude

subscriptions physio fitness goed amsterdam

Cancellation without hassle is also well arranged!

If you want to cancel the subscription for whatever reason, then we’re sorry but we don’t bother about that. If you cancel by e-mail before the 24th of the current month, we will stop the collection as of the following month.

Choose your Physio Fitness location and become a GOED Physio Fit Member: