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Physiotherapy practice Amsterdam IJburg, NDSM, Amstelkwartier,
Oud Zuid/De Pijp and Amsterdam Noord

Physiotherapy for treating pain

We are specialists in the field of physical complaints and have a large team of specialists standing by ready to treat you. Do you have pain in your:

  • muscles
  • joints
  • tendons

Stop walking around in pain!

Make an appointment immediately at Physiotherapy Amsterdam, Noord, IJburg, NDSM or Amstelkwartier
By simply clicking the button below you can register directly with Physiotherapy GOED in Amsterdam Noord, NDSM, IJburg or Amstelkwartier.
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For questions about our physiotherapy practice or treatment options, please contact us at: 020 491 0120
You can also send us an e-mail directly.

Pain can be caused by:

  • a bruising
  • overload
  • an incorrect movement
  • one-sided working postures
  • stress

physiotherapy practice amsterdam amstelkwartierijburg

The intake interview

At the intake we will assess your pain complaint or request for help through an interview and a physical examination. Subsequently, we will make a physiotherapeutic diagnosis and together we will draw up your treatment plan. If sufficient time has been scheduled, an initial treatment can be carried out immediately, followed by exercises and advice on how to deal with your complaints. See also our intake questionnaire. If necessary, we will refer you to the general practitioner or specialist.

The treatment plan

We can assist you with treatment, exercises, advice and guidance. The treatment may also include: exercises to be done at home, massage, loosening the joints, exercises in the gym with equipment and floor exercises. You can also make use of our Online Exercise Program PhysiApp.

Physiotherapy practice with varied treatment options

At Physiotherapy GOED we offer many different treatments. Because of our varied treatment options, we can provide tailor-made solutions for you. This is an overview of the different physiotherapeutic treatments available:

  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • EPTE therapy
  • Shockwave
  • Dry needling

Reimbursement of treatments

Please refer to the policy terms and conditions of your additional insurance, which will reimburse all or part of your physiotherapy treatments. More information about health reimbursement on healt insurance reimbursement

GOED Physiotherapy is registered at the KNGF

We are registered in the quality register and are affiliated with the Royal Netherlands Society for Physiotherapy. We are also a certified Plus Practice and a certified Top Care Plus Practice.
This means that we meet the strictest standards of the national health insurers.

So with us you are in GOOD hands!!!

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