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Medical Taping Physiotherapy

Have you been injured? Then we can help you with Medical Taping.

Medical Taping is a tape method that is used to support muscle and joint injuries. The tape, called kinesio tape, is an elastic tape that does not restrict movement after sticking, but actually stimulates it.

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This specific sticking method ensures that the skin is slightly lifted and space is created between skin and muscles for better blood circulation and freedom of movement. The kinesio tape does not irritate and is anti-allergic or skin-friendly. The tape is moisture resistant so showering and swimming is no problem if you are taped. There is no difference in the effect of the different colors of this medical tape.

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In our physiotherapy practice, this tape method is also often used in addition to various forms of treatment. If you are well taped with the right kinesio tape, you can go 3 to 6 days ahead. This partly determines what you have been taped for.

Why using Medical Tape?

  • Supports healing process
  • Supports Muscle Recovery
  • Helps self-healing ability
  • Provides confidence in movement during injuries

When can we help you with Medical Taping?

Neck, shoulder, back and knee complaints are common problems for which this tape method can be applied. In addition, the medical tape is suitable for known complaints such as:

  • Tennis arm
  • Wave arm
  • Whiplash
  • Heel Spur / Tendon Plate Ignition
  • Knee complaints / Runner’s knee
  • Shoulder complaints
  • Headaches and Neck complaints
  • Low back pain

Would you like to make an appointment for medical taping physiotherapy?

Make a medical taping appointment for natural and good recovery. We are happy to help you!
You don’t have to be an athlete for this tape method.

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