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The McKenzie Therapy is a method that has been developed for the treatment of pain complaints that originate from the spine. These could be:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • headache
  • sciatica
  • radiating pain in arm
  • radiating pain in leg

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McKenzie Therapy applied by physiotherapy and manual therapists

This method is scientifically based and very effective. The method was originally developed in New Zealand and is nowadays used worldwide by many enthusiastic physiotherapists and manual therapists.
After an extensive McKenzie examination, the therapist will make a clear diagnosis and explain the cause of your complaints. This results in a specific treatment process aimed at relieving your pain complaints.

McKenzie Therapy and Self-management

After one or two treatments, a clear reduction of your complaints is often noticeable. With a few simple exercises at home you can then reduce your symptoms yourself until you are completely pain-free. On the basis of the necessary tips and posture advice, and exercises for the long term, you ensure that the chance of your complaints returning is minimal. We call this “self-management“.

The McKenzie principle: Diagnosis -> Treatment -> Self-management -> Prevention!

McKenzie is suitable for Back pain:

  • spit
  • hernia
  • sciatica
  • stenosis
  • pain in the buttock
  • pain in the hip
  • pain radiating or tingling in the leg

McKenzie is suitable for Neck pain:

  • headache
  • hernia
  • pain between the shoulder blades
  • radiating pain or tingling in the arm

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Paul Dames is trained as a McKenzie therapist and applies the method to many of his patients, achieving effective results.

Paul Dames Manueel - McKenzie Shockwave therapeut

Paul Dames