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Manual therapy specifically targets the joints of:

  • The spine
  • Joints in the arms and legs

The starting point is that a dysfunction in a joint can cause (pain) complaints. Treatment consists of mobilizing and / or manipulating joints. There is often an effect and an evident improvement immediately after the treatment with manual therapy. You will experience more mobility and a decrease in pain.

spine manual therapy

For which complaints is manual therapy appropriate?

  • Head and neck pain
  • Neck and shoulder complaints
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Complaints between the shoulder blades with rib and chest pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hip and groin complaints, starting hip osteoarthritis

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What can you expect from manuel therapy?

A manual therapeutic diagnosis is made on the basis of an interview and a physical examination. Based on this, the therapist will give you an explanation of the possible cause of your complaints and a treatment plan will be discussed. If necessary, a (back) referral to the general practitioner or specialist will take place.

The treatment of this therapy may consist of:

  • Homework exercises
  • Consultancy
  • Accompaniment
  • Back training
  • Muscle strengthening exercises in our exercise room

Manual therapists at physiotherapy practice GOED Amsterdam

Manual therapist Dorien van de Winkel has years of experience in treating this therapy. “In recent years I have increasingly combined manual therapy with dry needling. The direct muscle relaxation that this treatment method provides helps very well to further loosen the spine afterwards.

Health insurance reimbursement

Most additional insurance policies reimburse the treatments. Consult your policy conditions to see whether this is fully or partially reimbursed.

We have a manual therapist available at every physiotherapy practice location to help you with your (pain) complaint.

Quality Practice

Our physiotherapy practice is registered in the quality register and
affiliated with the Royal Dutch Society of Physiotherapy.

KNGF - Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap Fysiotherapie

Training and register

S.O.M.T. method Eindhoven, registered in the manual therapists register.

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Manual therapists Amsterdam

If you have any questions, you can always contact our manual therapists Dorien van de Winkel, Lucas Veugelaers, Dana Rodermans and Herald Beck.

Lucas Veugelaers manual- and fysiotherapist

Lucas Veugelaers

Dana Rodermans, manual-fysiotherapist

Dana Rodermans

Thorsten Manueel en Fysiotherapeut GOED Amsterdam

Thorsten Mäker

manual-fysiotherapist Dorien van de Winkel

Dorien van de Winkel

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