Health Insurance Reimbursement

Our practice rates and Health insurance reimbursement

Contracted care
Our practice has contracts with all national health insurers. If you have additional health insurance, the costs of the treatments will be invoiced directly to the insurer. Treatments that are not covered by the Health Insurance Reimbursement will be settled directly with you per pin payment.

How many treatments are reimbursed by your insurance?

It is advisable to study your policy conditions thoroughly to establish the maximum number of treatments you are insured for per year. You are responsible for the costs if this maximum is exceeded. NB If you were with us for the first time for an intake examination plus treatment, this counts as two treatments.

Additional information about benefits

If you have any questions about the health insurance, please visit one of the websites of If you still have problems understanding specific things, our physiotherapists will be pleased to help you.
For our practice rates (the so-called “waiting room rates” if you are not additionally insured) see the price list at the bottom of the page.

KNGF Registers

The practice is registered in the physiotherapy and manual therapy quality register and affiliated with the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF).

Practical rates

If you are not additionally insured, we will charge our practice rates.

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