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Dry Needling is the Western form of acupuncture. It helps to dissolve pain points and “muscle knots” in a muscle and relax the muscle. During the treatment, the physiotherapist places thin needles superficially in the pain point. This often gives a recognizable pain reproduction.

Dry Needling Treatment Amsterdam

Dry Needling versus Acupuncture

In acupuncture, several needles are usually inserted into the skin for a longer period of time. This affects the ‘energy’ of the body.

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This is different with Dry-Needling. The physiotherapist usually uses 1 needle to stimulate certain muscles (‘trigger points’). This first tightens the muscle and then relaxes it again. It is therefore not an ‘energy’ treatment.

What do our specialists say about DryNeedling

Physiotherapist Dorien van de Winkel has specialized in this treatment method for a number of years. “I regularly get people who have been walking around with headaches for years. With DryNeedling they are pain-free within a few times. Then we can use exercises and posture advice to ensure that the complaints do not return.

Physiotherapist Stijn and Maaike are specialized in DryNeedling treatments and sports.
They uses this treatment method with athletes. Pain points with overloaded muscles can be treated well with this. It promotes natural recovery and gives a very good result.

The effectiveness of DryNeedling-Treatment has been scientifically proven. It helps especially well with the following complaints:

  • Muscle tension complaints
  • Headache and neck complaints
  • Low back pain (especially with chronic complaints)
  • Whiplash
  • Chronic pain complaints

Dry-Needling Amsterdam

You can go for DryNeedling-Treatment on Amsterdam IJburg and also at the following locations:

Health insurance reimbursement

Dry-Needling treatments are specialized physiotherapy treatments. These are reimbursed as physiotherapy sessions under your additional insurance.

Own contribution material

For the application of Dry-Needling we ask a one-off personal contribution of 10 eu for the consumables. This reimbursement is sufficient for a treatment series up to a maximum of 5 treatments.

Contact for DryNeedling-Treatment

Please contact us to make an appointment.

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Stijn van Rens

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Maaike Gerritsen

Dorien van de Winkel - Physiotherapist- Dry-Needling

Dorien van de Winkel

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